How to fix Mozilla Thunderbird Stopped Working in Window 10?

Fix Mozilla Thunderbird Stopped Working in Window 10

Most of the people use Mozilla Thunderbird to send and receive their mails and files. To protect your Mozilla Thunderbird in Window 10 you have to check and use updated window. Keep your computer away from virus. The error occurs when the application is running on the screen but it is not responding. There is no need of getting annoyed just you have remain calm and cool for a second and should read the instruction very carefully which are written especially to solve the problem of Mozilla thunderbird is not responding.

Solution for Mozilla Thunderbird Stopped Working in Window 10

To protect your Mozilla Thunderbird in window 10 is very easy. You have to just follow these simple steps to solve the problem.

  • First you have to go Update Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Now please use patented technologies to download this pc repair tool
  • To find Window Issue please Click Scan
  • Use Safe Mode to Run Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Add One to Disable thunderbird
  • Use Compatibility mode to Run Thunderbird
  • Check your antivirus
  • Use run ccleaner
  • To solve all the issue Click on “Repair All”.
  • Your data may be Corrupted

Windows Task ManagerFirst you have to close all the application. Then Click Start Button. Now type in run and press. A new window will open and type ‘taskmgr’ or Click right on task bar and Please Select Task Manager. Go to process tab now please Close Mozilla Thunderbird.

Windows App DataAnd for windows please Click on Start and open Run. Now in the window you have to type %appdata% and Press Enter. Now again open Mozilla thunderbird profile and delete the lock file. When thunderbird is not opening please press and hold down sift key. Click help menu in thunderbird window now disable the add ons, now choose Restart. Now the safe mode window will open then click on continue in safe mode now Click the tools menu then Click add-ons and extension.

Update Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Please do a Manual Update
  • Now go help Menu
  • Then Select about Thunderbird
  • Now Check for Available Updates
  • Please Click on ‘Restart Thunderbird to Update’.

Causes for Mozilla Thunderbird in Window 10

  • If you are outdated version of Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Issue can be caused by the third party application
  • If your Hardware fails
  • Due to the Corrupted files
  • If there is any malware or any virus
  • Due to bad sectors
  • Your fire ball is blocking

In this way you instantly solve the problem of Window 10. Keep your Computer Clean and updated.

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ATT email settings with Mozilla Thunderbird

How to Configure ATT email settings with Mozilla Thunderbird?

ATT email is very easy a comfortable to use which is used by many user. You can use chrome, Firebox, safari to view att emails and you will get the notification on the desktop of the new message. Please open a browser tab to get an email. ATT is a free email software. It is an instant messenger. We can play games, watch movies, watch T.V shows and many more. The best thing is you can connect ATT mails on your mobile phone also. You can change your mail version in ATT. To see current email version you have to refresh your inbox.

Att email setting is very easy to configure with Thunderbird. We can use it in our office as well as in home.

We can use POP3 and IMAP in ATT email. There is a little difference between these two settings.


  • Go to files, then in account settings
  • Select your email account for update
  • Create a new account to register yourself
  • Select email settings
  • Please select pop and imap
  • Check your credentials

The account settings of pop3 and IMAP settings is very simple in ATT Email with Mozilla Thunderbird.


ATT email settings with Mozilla Thunderbird email setting of pop3

  • Inbound settings in pop3 is 995
  • Outbound settings of pop3 is 465
  • Please enter your name in the box in inbound settings
  • Now please enter your name in the box in outbound settings
  • Please enter your password in the box
  • And the connection security is required as (yes) in both inbound and outbound settings

ATT email settings with Mozilla Thunderbird


ATT email POP3 settings with Mozilla Thunderbird email setting of IMAP

  • The inbound account settings in IMAP is 993
  • The out bound account settings in IMAP is 465 or 587
  • Please enter your name and password in the required field
  • And your connection security is required (yes) in IMAP settings of inbound and outbound

ATT email IMAP settings with Mozilla Thunderbird


Using Chrome for notification

  • Please select chrome
  • Now select chrome settings
  • Please select advanced settings
  • Go to privacy and settings
  • Select content settings
  • Now select one of them (Allow, ask before sending, block)
  • Now at last select done

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