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I have instslled Mozilla Thunderbird in order to redirect a large number of emails.  Redirct extention works but there is a problem.   Original senders name and email subject line retained but date is latest date received at redirected site.  Need to have original date and time retained.  I saw a post on another site that original date can be preserved.  Anyone now how to do this?   Urgent.  Large batch of 150 or so emails almost useless with date sorting.  Thanks.


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Thanks war1,

That’s interesting, and the only thing I can think of is the receiving email client.  As noted above, when I redirected from, the gmail did indeed show today’s date and time, BUT if I hit the Show Details, it did show the original date of 8/23/2007.

When it then was downloaded into TB (I use the pop access of gmail) It showed up as a received date of 8/23/07, but it also showed the recipient as the Original, not the redirected to address.

Have you tested this on your own?  Is there something I am missing?



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The redirect extension of Thunderbird does not preserve the date.  There is a trick to preverse the date if redirecting emails to Gmail, but only for Gmail address.

Hope this helps, war1


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Which redirect extension did you use?  I have successfully redirected from to and kept the date intact.  If using the gmail interface, hit the Show Details text all the way to the right of the From after you open the mail.

But even better, if using Thunderbird to access the gmail account, it does in fact list it as the date of original delivery.

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