Delete Attachments from Thunderbird Messages

How to Delete Mail From a Mozilla Thunderbird?

  • Launch Thunderbird Email
  • Once in Thunderbird, you can delete attachments by right-clicking on the attachment icon that appears at the bottom of a message containing an attachment.
  • One of the right-click options will say “Delete….” After you’ve deleted the attachment, the appearance of the attachment icon will change, and the description will now say “Deleted: .”

We recommend performing the attachment deletion from the preview pane. That is, rather than double clicking a message to view it in its own window, just click on the message *once* so that you can see a preview of the message and its attachment icon in the lower right pane. Then right-click on the attachment icon that’s visible in there and choose the Delete… function. For some reason, using this function in the preview pane seems to cause less confusion.

Also, that Thunderbird has the ability to let you sort messages by size. Taking advantage of this feature would help you find the messages with the largest attachments first, so you’d get the most bang for your buck.

  • Right Click on the document icon on the bottom of the screen

Delete Attachments from Thunderbird Messages

  • After you delete the attachment, it will show as DELETED
  • One thing to note is that when you do this, it changes the date of the message, so it will then appear as if it came in today

Delete Attachments from Thunderbird Messages

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ATT email settings with Mozilla Thunderbird

How to Configure ATT email settings with Mozilla Thunderbird?

ATT email is very easy a comfortable to use which is used by many user. You can use chrome, Firebox, safari to view att emails and you will get the notification on the desktop of the new message. Please open a browser tab to get an email. ATT is a free email software. It is an instant messenger. We can play games, watch movies, watch T.V shows and many more. The best thing is you can connect ATT mails on your mobile phone also. You can change your mail version in ATT. To see current email version you have to refresh your inbox.

Att email setting is very easy to configure with Thunderbird. We can use it in our office as well as in home.

We can use POP3 and IMAP in ATT email. There is a little difference between these two settings.


  • Go to files, then in account settings
  • Select your email account for update
  • Create a new account to register yourself
  • Select email settings
  • Please select pop and imap
  • Check your credentials

The account settings of pop3 and IMAP settings is very simple in ATT Email with Mozilla Thunderbird.


ATT email settings with Mozilla Thunderbird email setting of pop3

  • Inbound settings in pop3 is 995
  • Outbound settings of pop3 is 465
  • Please enter your name in the box in inbound settings
  • Now please enter your name in the box in outbound settings
  • Please enter your password in the box
  • And the connection security is required as (yes) in both inbound and outbound settings

ATT email settings with Mozilla Thunderbird


ATT email POP3 settings with Mozilla Thunderbird email setting of IMAP

  • The inbound account settings in IMAP is 993
  • The out bound account settings in IMAP is 465 or 587
  • Please enter your name and password in the required field
  • And your connection security is required (yes) in IMAP settings of inbound and outbound

ATT email IMAP settings with Mozilla Thunderbird


Using Chrome for notification

  • Please select chrome
  • Now select chrome settings
  • Please select advanced settings
  • Go to privacy and settings
  • Select content settings
  • Now select one of them (Allow, ask before sending, block)
  • Now at last select done

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