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  2. Since I have upgraded to release 68.3.1 the order in which accounts are displayed has stopped behaving correctly.

    mail.accountmanager.accounts contains “account8,account6,account1” but the accounts are displayed in the order of account6,account1,account8.

    Account 8 is a Feeds account, and no matter how I configure the order, the Feeds always appear last.

  3. I have an NNTP account where I can post (server A). However, the number of newsgroups this server has is limited, and so is the retention period. Therefore I have another NNTP account (server B) with very many newsgroups and a long retention period, but this server does not allow postings.
    The problem:
    How to configure Thunderbird in a way that when I post (or follow up) to a newsgroup read from server B, the posting is default delivered to server A?

  4. I have an old TB Inbox file which is 1, 953,590 KB.

    I want to search it for a person’s name.

    I’ve opened it in Word, WordPad, Notepad and Libre Office but all I get is the “Not responding” cycle.

    What program can I use to open and search this large file?

  5. My main issue is I want Thunderbird to automatically open Lightning Calendar when opening Thunderbird. FAQ says to add this to the target, which I did —>
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe” thunderbird -mail -calendar

    However, T.Bird still boots directly to my Inbox instead of loading the Calendar tab. Any ideas how I can get this working? And now, how can I actually register an account on MozillaZine if the security question is busted?

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