How to add google calendar to Thunderbird’s lightning?

First, open the Thunderbird Tools menu (hamburger icon) and add-ons> Extensions. Check whether you still need to install the power or not download the add-on that you want, the extension of the cog icon Choose Install Add-ons from File. Browse to the download location, open the Add-ons installation file, and click Install Now. To complete the installation, you must restart Thunderbird for Add google calendar to Thunderbird lightning.

How to add google calendar to Thunderbird lightning?

With the lightning installed, you should see the lightning calendar icon at the top right, next to the task icon. Click the calendar icon to open the Lightning calendar tab.

How to add a calendar?

By default, you will see a Home Calendar in Lightning. To add a new calendar, right-click on the empty space below your current calendar and select New Calendar. You can choose on your computer or on the network.Please select the following to Add google calendar to Thunderbird lightning.

Add google calendar to Thunderbird lightning

Add a Private Google Calendar

Choose On the Network > Google Calendar to add your own Google Calendars and also Google Calendars shared with you.

Add google calendar to Thunderbird lightning

Note: The Google Calendar option is only available after installing the provider for Google Calendar. You can also now add public Google Calendar using the iCalendar format, which offers to read access only.

In the following window (you will see your calendar) you must provide Google E-mail address, sign in to your account, and Google Calendar will have to give the provider permission to manage your calendar or if you have done it earlier Are you an existing Google session? After logging into your Google account, you should see a list of your Google Calendar.

Add google calendar to Thunderbird lightning

Check the calendar what you want to add, click Next, wait for the online confirmation that Your calendar has been created, and click to Finish.

You should now see Lightning populated with your Google Calendar events.

Add google calendar to Thunderbird lightning

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