Delete Attachments from Thunderbird Messages

How to Delete Mail From a Mozilla Thunderbird?

  • Launch Thunderbird Email
  • Once in Thunderbird, you can delete attachments by right-clicking on the attachment icon that appears at the bottom of a message containing an attachment.
  • One of the right-click options will say “Delete….” After you’ve deleted the attachment, the appearance of the attachment icon will change, and the description will now say “Deleted: .”

We recommend performing the attachment deletion from the preview pane. That is, rather than double clicking a message to view it in its own window, just click on the message *once* so that you can see a preview of the message and its attachment icon in the lower right pane. Then right-click on the attachment icon that’s visible in there and choose the Delete… function. For some reason, using this function in the preview pane seems to cause less confusion.

Also, that Thunderbird has the ability to let you sort messages by size. Taking advantage of this feature would help you find the messages with the largest attachments first, so you’d get the most bang for your buck.

  • Right Click on the document icon on the bottom of the screen

Delete Attachments from Thunderbird Messages

  • After you delete the attachment, it will show as DELETED
  • One thing to note is that when you do this, it changes the date of the message, so it will then appear as if it came in today

Delete Attachments from Thunderbird Messages

How to Compact Folders in Thunderbird?

Over time, the file ruins the space in a significant amount, swelling and unnecessary. The only real solution for this is to create a new file without junk. It is called Compact folders in Thunderbird. People who use Outlook will be familiar with a signal to be compressed.

This is the same thing with a different name. When you delete or move e-mail from a folder, Thunderbird and other e-mail programs actually “hide” them, and these hidden E-Mail still live in the folder. Emptying the waste also does not remove them permanently.

These hidden e-mails remain in the folder until it becomes compact. If you do not compact folders, your mail folders can be very large. The program will also behave incorrectly, so it is a good idea to do this from time to time.

Do not confuse with compacting folders with compress file. This is not a unique feature of Thunderbird. The main difference is that by default most other email clients automatically compact the folder when some amount of space is wasted.

Compact Folders in Thunderbird

To compact all the folders in a single account:

Click on the account the left side and then click on “File >Compact Folders“. Depending on how much mail you have in compacting an account and how you have compacted the folders recently. it may take a few seconds or a few minutes. If you have a problem doing this and the process is trying to compact one folder at a time. click on the folder and select “Compact This Folder“.

Note: Try to avoid downloading e-mails while compacting the folder. It has been reported that it may cause corruption or “Folder is being processed” error.

For POP3 accounts: If offline support is installed, firstly go offline (“File > Offline> Work Offline”, or simply click on the icon that as look as a light bulb in the bottom left corner). For IMAP accounts: You can’t compact folders unless you are online.

Compact folders for IMAP accounts

For IMAP accounts, Thunderbird can automatically compact the inbox when you exit it. Go to “Tools > Account Settings > (Account Name) Server Settings” and exit on “Clear inbox”. If you check “Empty trash” at the exit time, then it will be empty and compact the Trash folder when Exit Thunderbird. You can also take help of Inbox IMAP setting for Mozilla Thunderbird.

How to convert Outlook .pst files to Thunderbird

Thunderbird can’t import a .pst or .ost file. Most import tools and Thunderbird require that a compatible version of Outlook be installed on PCs used to Convert Outlook .pst files to Thunderbird and To import messages from Outlook to Thunderbird, Outlook should be the default mail client. Mail import from Outlook works by using the Outlook program for email sources, not the built-in .pst file. Note that Thunderbird is a 32-bit program, so it can not be imported from the 64-bit version of Outlook.

Convert Outlook .pst files to Thunderbird

If you want to switch to Thunderbird and will no longer have access to Outlook, we will guide you through the process of transferring your .pst and .ost files to Thunderbird.

  1. Search your local .pst and .ost files

Outlook will store your .pst and .ost files anywhere in the App Data folder for Windows user: For example, look for Microsoft Office sites for locations of Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013. You may have at least two mail files, both of which will need to be imported into Thunderbird. Whether it is in PST (outlook.pst, archive.pst) or Ost (outlook.ost) format, depending on which type of mail server and what Outlook you are using then, convert outlook .pst files to Thunderbird

  1. Convert your emails from .pst and .ost files to mbox

convert outlook .pst files to Thunderbird

  1. Find your Thunderbird “Local Folders”

Open the Mozilla Thunderbird, Right click on “Local Folders” then choose “Settings”. Now you will see “Local directory” for your “Account Settings”.

convert outlook .pst files to Thunderbird

Something like this,
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\7l36jvtj.default\Mail\Local Folders
(You will have to allow “Show hidden files, folders, and drives)

  1. Copy mbox files into the Local Folders

Exit the Thunderbird and go to your “Local Folders” directory in an explorer and drag and drop your mbox files in that destination.

  1. Browse mbox

Restart Thunderbird, and you can see the mailbox in your Local Folders list.

Bad outgoing attachments Office 365 in Thunderbird

I have recent issues regarding Bad outgoing attachments Office 365 in Thunderbird. I always sent correct attachments with Thunderbird to mail client like Lotus Notes, or IBM Notes. Recently some workmates moved to Office 365 and, when I send them some attachments like pictures, they visualize badly because the original attachment arrives slightly bigger in size respect.

To the original: in some points of the original file is inserted in the byte ‘0xD’. If the same file is sent to Office 365 from Gmail, the attachment arrives identical. Reading some forums I tried to change some points of the Configuration Editor but no result is founded. Bad outgoing attachments Office 365 in Thunderbird.

Update Thunderbird settings for Office 365

1. Launch Thunderbird.
2. On the first launch, you may be prompted for your password for your email and
Click Cancel.

Bad outgoing attachments Office 365 in thunderbird

3. Mac Users: In Thunderbird, Click on Mail menu, It will show in the upper left corner, next
to the Apple icon.
Click the Account Settings

Windows Users: Click on the Thunderbird Menu button
Click Options then Account Settings.

Bad outgoing attachments Office 365 in thunderbird

4. For your email account, click Server Settings.

Bad outgoing attachments Office 365 in thunderbird

5. Under the Account Information tab, change the following settings:
a. Server Name:
b. User Name: Your full Primary email address,

Note: You can confirm your primary email address in the HMS White Pages.
6. Click OK

Bad outgoing attachments Office 365 in thunderbird

7. Click on the Outgoing mail Server and select your HMS outgoing mail server then, click Edit.

8. In the Settings window, change the following settings:
a. Server Name:
b. Port: 587
c. Connection security: STARTTLS
d. Authentication Method: Normal password
e. User Name: Your full Primary email address, usually in the form of
firstName and lastName. i. Log into
ii. Click on Preferences
iii. Then, Click  Messaging
iv. Your primary email address appears under the “E-Mail Options” heading

9. Click OK

10. Click OK again.

Bad outgoing attachments Office 365 in thunderbird
11. The first time you Send and Receive email, you will be asked to enter your HMS

Thunderbird is now configured to connect to the Office 365 email system.

Why Thunderbird Suddenly Not Getting AOL Mail?

I really miss all my emails in one place and would like to have it in on place to work . I’ve checked with AOL which is lost and have given up responding to me . I supposed they would like to have me online so that I will be forced to watch their ads constantly which is one of the reason I like receiving email through Thunderbird. Why Thunderbird Suddenly Not Getting AOL Mail?

It has a snapshot of some settings for an AOL IMAP account using port 993 and SSL/TLS. I suggest you double check your settings on it. Your username is supposed to be the full email address, Are you able to send mail using your AOL account? It’s useful to know how widespread the problem is when troubleshooting. Did you sign up with AOL originally or were you migrated from Verizon to AOL last year?

Add AOL mail account to Thunderbird using IMAP

Thunderbird Suddenly Not Getting AOL Mail

  • Open Thunderbird and type your name, Email address, and password
  • Click Continue
  • Click the checkbox on IMAP and click on Manual config

Thunderbird Suddenly Not Getting AOL Mail

  • Now we need to manually enter in the settings same as following methods. Under the Server, hostname section verifies the following steps.

Incoming : / Port : Either 993 (SSL) or 143

Outgoing : / Port : 587 (TLS)

  • Click the Re-test

Thunderbird Suddenly Not Getting AOL Mail

If you have entered everything is correct, the task will be completed successfully and now you can Create an Account

Now you can check your AOL emails from Thunderbird clicking on Reading messages

Thunderbird Suddenly Not Getting AOL Mail

Thunderbird Suddenly Not Getting AOL Mail

Set your sent folder properly

  • Thunderbird > Tools > Account Settings > Copies & Folders then, set a Place to copy into Sent Items on the mail server.
  • Now Restart Thunderbird.