How to Compact Folders in Thunderbird?

Over time, the file ruins the space in a significant amount, swelling and unnecessary. The only real solution for this is to create a new file without junk. It is called Compact folders in Thunderbird. People who use Outlook will be familiar with a signal to be compressed.

This is the same thing with a different name. When you delete or move e-mail from a folder, Thunderbird and other e-mail programs actually “hide” them, and these hidden E-Mail still live in the folder. Emptying the waste also does not remove them permanently.

These hidden e-mails remain in the folder until it becomes compact. If you do not compact folders, your mail folders can be very large. The program will also behave incorrectly, so it is a good idea to do this from time to time.

Do not confuse with compacting folders with compress file. This is not a unique feature of Thunderbird. The main difference is that by default most other email clients automatically compact the folder when some amount of space is wasted.

Compact Folders in Thunderbird

To compact all the folders in a single account:

Click on the account the left side and then click on “File >Compact Folders“. Depending on how much mail you have in compacting an account and how you have compacted the folders recently. it may take a few seconds or a few minutes. If you have a problem doing this and the process is trying to compact one folder at a time. click on the folder and select “Compact This Folder“.

Note: Try to avoid downloading e-mails while compacting the folder. It has been reported that it may cause corruption or “Folder is being processed” error.

For POP3 accounts: If offline support is installed, firstly go offline (“File > Offline> Work Offline”, or simply click on the icon that as look as a light bulb in the bottom left corner). For IMAP accounts: You can’t compact folders unless you are online.

Compact folders for IMAP accounts

For IMAP accounts, Thunderbird can automatically compact the inbox when you exit it. Go to “Tools > Account Settings > (Account Name) Server Settings” and exit on “Clear inbox”. If you check “Empty trash” at the exit time, then it will be empty and compact the Trash folder when Exit Thunderbird. You can also take help of Inbox IMAP setting for Mozilla Thunderbird.

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Thunderbird hangs while downloading new messages

How to Fix Thunderbird hangs while downloading new messages?

I get a big gap and whenever a message gets downloaded, Thunderbird freezes, which can prevent you from writing your email. Once the download is finished, it will start back in general and whatever you wrote That’s all it will appear at once. So whatever you type while downloading Thunderbird, it is not lost; This download does not appear on the screen until it’s over, about 15-20 seconds later.

I have tried to change webmail and Thunderbird download frequency settings. I have tried to start TB with add-on disabled, I have not tried to rebuild files or anything like that, but whatever I have read, he says that he has not made any difference. This problem is directly linked to the new mail being downloaded in TB, every time a new email arrives.

Sometimes a message download session may be interrupted using POP3 before downloading all messages to the server due to problems on the POP3 service. Thunderbird gets bogus after fixing the problem. It is hanging if I do not remove the last message downloaded from the server during the interrupted session. It displays the position line Getting message 1 of XXX and just hanging out. No matter at times I’ll try, as long as I manually deleted the last downloaded. In some cases, the problem may be due to the mail summary file (* .msf) being corrupted by the file, this can happen when your folder becomes slightly corrupted because it is not compacted regularly.

Thunderbird hangs while downloading new messages

Thunderbird hangs while downloading new messages

  1. Exit Thunderbird.
  2. Find your profile folder.
  3. Open the folder which contains your stored messages. For example, if you are using Global Inbox, it will be a “Local Folder” folder inside the “Mail” folder. Otherwise, it is a folder on the name of the mail server inside the “Mail” folder. For example, if you’re using Gmail, “”
  4. Select the *.msf files and delete them.
  5. Again Restart Thunderbird.
  6. Wait for Thunderbird to recreate the mail summary file.

If that does not work, it may be because your folder is very badly corrupted. In the Compacting Folders, see the second part of “Compacting does not work” If there is a problem sending a message, try reconfiguring your anti-virus program so that it does not check outgoing messages for viruses. In some cases, the problem occurs when Thunderbird has trouble finding and filtering junk (SPAM). This may be due to a corrupt training.dat file, it may be necessary to remove it (run on Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Junk -> Reset Training Data -> OK) and [Mail Control] .

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Thunderbird Deleted Email Account and lost it all, How to Recover it?

How to Recover Thunderbird Deleted Email Account?

I was having issues sending emails and during the process of switching to IMAP, I accidentally deleted the email account which took all my folders with it. So now I have nothing. I read on the boards of a way to point Thunderbird at the folder I found in my profiles. I opened it and it appears to have everything inside.

I just don’t know how to direct Thunderbird to that file to access my folders. I should have backed it up first, but in my excitement to get emails working I made the mistake of deleting before I backed it up!

Solution for Recovery

If you have accidentally deleted one of your mail accounts by clicking on the “Remove Account” button in Thunderbird, this does not mean that your mail has actually been deleted from your computer. That mail should still exist in a child folder in the Mail folder in your profile folder. (This assumes that the account is not using the Global Inbox, in which case its mail would be stored in Local Folders.)

1. Start Thunderbird and create a new mail account, using the same email address and server settings as the account you deleted. You can do that by entering your name, email address and password in the new account wizard and press Continue. Do not use the “Get a new account” button as that is just a pitch to sell you a (new) email address/domain by gandi.

2. It will create a new account directory with a numeric suffix. For example, if your old mail account directory was it will create a Use the browse button in Tools -> Account Settings -> Server Settings -> Local directory to specify the old account directory and restart Thunderbird.

Thunderbird Account Setting

3. Check the accounts inbox folder to see if it has messages. If not then you probably specified the wrong location and need to use the browse button again.

4. Its recommended you leave the account directory that you created in step one alone – it only wastes about 10KB due to several default files that Thunderbird created. However, you can delete it (after exiting Thunderbird) if it might cause confusion later on.

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Technical support phone number for Thunderbird

Thunderbird Technical support is considerably recommended for the users who are frequently clashed with multiple type of the issues related to the Thunderbird email account like password change and recovery issue, sending and receiving issues, composing and downloading issues, emails configuration issues. Any issues related to Mozilla Thunderbird users can get help from our technicians which is 24/7 and 365 days available for you. we the technical support for Thunderbird are happy to serve you and help you fix all your technical issues and problems that you are facing on your Thunderbird account.

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