How to Report a Mozilla Thunderbird Bug?

How to Report a Mozilla Thunderbird Bug?

What would you do without Mozilla Thunderbird? Then again… what’s Mozilla Thunderbird doing without your favorite Outlook feature and with that long-standing bug? In short, taking to the code yourself or hiring hackers, you can Report a Mozilla Thunderbird Bug to get better by reporting bugs with as much lurid detail as possible and suggesting feature improvements or voting for them — it’s all in a Bugzilla visit.

Report a Mozilla Thunderbird Bug or Suggest a Feature or Improvement for It

To report a bug you’ve found in Mozilla Thunderbird or suggest an enhancement or new feature:

Search Bugzilla for an existing bug report that covers your issue.
If your issue has already been reported:

Add anything new you can contribute as a comment.
If the bug is reported to happen on Linux and you see it under Mac OS X, for example, you can say so in a comment. Do not change the bug’s fields, though.
If you can add circumstances under which the problem occurs—in particular, if it is not yet clear how a bug can be reproduced in the discussion so far—, that’s great.
Vote for the bug to increase its visibility.
If you find no existing bug that covers what you want to report:

Create a new bug report.

Bugzilla Login

Follow the detailed instructions on the Bugzilla site.

If you suggest a new feature or improvement, make sure Enhancement: Request for a new feature or enhancement. is selected under Severity. You can also add “Feature Request:” to the Summary field.

If you need help with any topic please contact Thunderbird Support Number +1-855-785-2511 toll-free.

Thunderbird keeps asking for password, How to fix it?

Thunderbird keeps asking for password, Fix it

From time to time it Thunderbird keeps asking for password. Usually, I wait for some time and restarted it and the problem is gone. This seems to be a server downtime.

Today I created my account anew in the morning and I received my emails. This evening the trouble started again. Even new account set-up did not help. My other yahoo account is unaffected. This makes me think the problem is with the client.

Thunderbird keeps asking for password, here are the Solution

If the problem disappears with no changes being made to Thunderbird it wouldn’t seem logical to suspect the client. That result points to the server.

That said, go to Edit → Preferences ->SECURITY > PASSWORDS tab> SAVED PASSWORDS button and there you can delete old passwords.Thunderbird keeps asking for password


Restart Thunderbird to ensure that the stored password is cleared from memory.

The next time you “Get Mail” Thunderbird will ask for the password and you can check the box to remember the value.

For further information and Support Call +1-855-785-2511 Toll-free for Thunderbird Email.

Thunderbird Gmail POP3 | Call +1-855-785-2511 | Thunderbird login to server failed

Thunderbird Gmail POP3 Setting, can’t add a new Gmail account to thunderbird

Call @ 1-855-785-2511 Toll-free


For the issue that you are facing, I’d suggest you please follow the steps below to get all the incoming emails on Thunderbird using POP3:

  • Change your Gmail settings:
  • Sign in to the Gmail account you want to import to.
  • In the top right, click Settings and again Settings.Gmail setting
  • Click the Accounts and Import or Accounts tab.
  • In the “Check mail from other accounts” section, click Add a mail account.Add a mail account Gmail b
  • Type the email address of the other account, then click Next Step.
  • Type your password.

Recommended: Check the boxes next to the options below:
“Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail”
“Label incoming messages”
Leave the other boxes unchecked.
Click Add Account.


For more information and support with setup Thunderbird Gmail POP3, SMTP, IMap Call +1-855-785-2511 toll-free.

Installing an Add on in Mozilla Thunderbird

How to Install Add-on Extension in Mozilla ThunderBird?

The ideal case

In an ideal world, all the add-ons you would want are officially vetted, approved, and can be found on the official website,

If you are in this category, you can simply go to the Add-ons manager tab in Thunderbird, using the toolbar entry New Fx Menu then Thunderbird app menu >add-ons and enter the add-on’s name into the search box.

Installing an Add-on in Thunderbird

Once you find the add-on, click Install, then wait for it to download, then click Restart Thunderbird.

A little ideal ideal
You have given a URL for the add-on, or the add-on you want is not on the “official” page. Searched for it, as shown above, does not detect your add-on.

Go to the web page in your browser, right-click the download link with your mouse, select “Save Link in this way”, and save the XPi file to your computer that you can find again. Download is temporarily recommended that you either use your downloads folder or your desktop.

To install a downloaded XPI file into Thunderbird you have two options.


Right-click the link and select Save or Save as shown previously.

You will be invited to download and save the file. Most browsers have a default download location, often on your desktop. Say where he downloads, and what is it called. Some add-on files contain silly names like “latest -234.xpi” which is not very useful when trying to find it later

Open the add-on window in Thunderbird, there is a button on the left side of the search window.

CogWheelLinux Click this and from the subsequent menu select Install Add-on From File.

Installing an Add-on in Thunderbird

You will need to navigate in the file picker to where you saved the XPI file and select it to complete the install.


  • Open the add-ons manager ( New Fx Menu then appmenuAddons )
  • Drag your downloaded XPI file to the add-on manager tab and drop it.

If you are using Windows, you can even skip the desktop bit. Open your browser and Thunderbird side by side, with Thunderbird’s Add-ons tab displayed. Drag the link directly from the browser onto Thunderbird’s Add-on tab. The main advantage of this method is that you don’t need to actually save a copy of the add-on on your hard disk before it is installed.

Call +1-855-785-2511 Toll-Free for Thunderbird Support & Help