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Help Thunderbird Email app is sort of unique. It has a built-in extensions manager that is full of great tools created by the Thunderbird community. There’s probably already an extension for that nagging problem. You keep encountering with email apps, or for your idea. On how to make things faster and help for Thunderbird help.

A setup wizard will get all of your email accounts gathered safely within. Thunderbird and a strong search tool ensure you will be able to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Those of you who handle enormous amounts of email will love the activity manager that keeps track of everything you do within Thunderbird. Can’t remember which folder you sent that email to? Just have a look at the log and see where it went.

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To help reduce clutter when writing multiple emails, Thunderbird employs a tab system to keep everything within one window. Thunderbird is also full of all the standard email tools — like an address book, an attachment reminder, and a spam filter — you’d expect, which makes make it one of the best free Windows 10 email apps available.

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