How to Open Thunderbird Content Tab in Browser?

Open Thunderbird Content Tab in a Browser

Sometimes the add-ins that you’ve installed are open content tabs for me when you start Thunderbird, and sometimes these content tabs contain very interesting information, and I want to open the content in Firefox and add it to my bookmarks. But whatever you try, I can not find a way to get the URL behind the content tab. Is there a way? why not?

For example, the Troubleshooting Information menu item in the Help menu loads the about: support URL in a content tab.

You can copy the URL in the error console.

* open error console in developer tools
* copy and paste the code into error console
* press enter to run

CODE: content.location.href;

If this code is not working for you then try another one.

It works for me with a fresh profile.

Thunderbird 52.7.0
Windows 7 SP1 32-bit

Are you using an older version? If so, then try…

CODE: top.opener.content.location.href;

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