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Provide Solution for Thunderbird to Fix Mozilla Thunderbird Crashing, Install and Uninstall Thunderbird, Fix incoming and outgoing email Issues and Instruction for using Mozilla Thunderbird in Safe Mode. Solve your problem by following these steps that are given below. Mozilla Thunderbird Support is also available for further information and supports you can contact on toll-free.

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Mozilla Thunderbird Help & support

How to create a new profile in MozillaThunderbird?

Follow the process to Create a new profile:

  • To create a new profile, first, run the profile manager. Steps to Start Profile Manager in Windows: Exit Thunderbird from the main menu.
  • Go to the Start menu and select Run and select Thunderbird.exe – Profile Manager and click OK (Uses the search box for Windows Vista).
  • Note: Windows 10 free for Mac users should press the Option key and double-click the Thunderbird icon. Thunderbird on Linux -> Go to Profile Manager
  • Now, you will be able to see the profile manager window which you can see on available screenshots.
  • Note: The profile manager also allows you to delete and rename an existing profile.
  • Here, on the profile manager window, Click the option to create a profile, create the Profile Wizard. Press the Next button and type the desired name for the profile.
  • You also have the permission to Select the desired location to save the profile. This can be useful when you plan to export your settings to other systems in the future.
  • Click on ‘Finish‘ to complete the process
  • Go back to the profile manager to see newly created profiles and you will be able to see it in the list. Choose it and run Thunderbird.

Now, your Thunderbird email is running on your new profile, all settings will be reset to the default. If you want to switch to any of the old profiles, then run the profile manager again and choose the old profile. Backup Thunderbird you can easily backup set up email account Thunderbird emails by following these steps: Close Thunderbird makes a copy of your profile folder and takes it to a CD RW disk for a different hard disk for backup purposes.

How to fix not able to delete messages?

The reason for the inability to remove an email message in Thunderbird can be corrupted trash folders. To resolve this, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the profile folder by clicking on the menu button from the top right of the Thunderbird window. Choose Help and click on troubleshooting information. In the Troubleshooting Information tab, click the Show Folder Available button under the application basics. The windows display profile files.
  2. Next, turn off the Thunderbird app
  3. In the file manager, open the Mail folder or the Impossible Mail folder (as per the POP or IMAP account you are using)
  4. Open the folder with the incoming mail server name (like or

How to Create Email Alias in Mozilla Thunderbird?

An email address that forwards the message to another email account is referred to as the nickname Once you set up email aliases, you configure the third party to download and sort messages in the alias account, independently can do. Messages are received in the same way they are received in the primary account.
The examples specified here will describe the process of configuring a Windows Live Mail or Hotmail account to send messages to the email alias in your inbox.

  1. Sign in with Hotmail account, click Options and then choose more options.
  2. Under Hotmail Customising, click on the rule to sort the new messages to configure how the messages are sorted.
  3. Delete the rule that specifies to keep new email messages in their own folder. These are some of the problems and errors that often appear in Thunderbird and affect the performance of the application as well as performance. To avoid such errors, you can use an alternative emailing client such as MS Outlook. The desktop-based e-mailing program is efficient enough to provide responsive features and functions.

Choose Garbage and MSF files and erase them. In many accounts, this file has been deleted or unnamed.

Then, restart Thunderbird

In case of IMAP, a new trash folder will be automatically generated by the Thunderbird.
In one of the cases of POP, go to the folder list and then right-click the account name and select the new folder. Next, provide the folder name as a trash and click on Create Folder to confirm, If the problem persists and you fail to delete those email messages that are no longer necessary, you can select the alternative option to switch the emailing app to MS Outlook which is relatively efficient and organized. To use MS Outlook, you will need to transfer all data from PST files to MBOX.

How to fix Thunderbird Closes Unexpectedly?

When Thunderbird exits unexpectedly, the situation is referred to as an app crash. When it suddenly stops, the Mozilla Crash Reporter appears. There are several reasons for the accident: Therefore, the best way to post a crash report is to post it
Alternatively, attach a stack trace on the bug report or plate, this will help to improve the real cause. Third party PST format will continue exporting data and continuously improve efficiency.

How to Start Thunderbird in the Safe Mode?

The customer representative dealing with your query has a good experience in the same area. Which ensures good interaction without any break in the line. So next time thinking about how you will recover your password or are facing problems with the files. We are here 24*7 to solve all our issues of Windows 10 update.

To start Thunderbird in Safe mode, follow the steps below:

  • When Thunderbird is not running: Press and hold down the Shift key while starting Thunderbird to open it into Safe mode
  • When Thunderbird is running: Click on the Help menu from the top of Thunderbird window and then select Restart with Add-Ons Disabled… Menu item. Next, Click Restart button in the dialogue box.
  1. In the then appeared Thunderbird Safe Mode dialogue box, Click on Continue in Safe Mode button to accomplish task to start Thunderbird in Safe Mode.

How to fix Thunderbird Crashes?

Thunderbird “crash” when unexpectedly closes. After the accident, the Mozilla Crash Reporter should be asked by asking if you want to send crash notifications to Mozilla for processing.

For information about changing due to crashes and plug-ins, see the plug-in crash report.

  • Getting help with your crash
  • General crash help and suggestions
  • Make sure to use the latest version of Thunderbird
  • Check for problematic add-ons

Getting help with your crash-Mozilla Thunderbird Email Support

There are many possible reasons for accidents, so the best way to get skilled help is to post your crash report ID or to attach stack trace to forum or bug report, it will help identify the cause of your accident
Crash reports have been given an ID of the BP-NNNNN form. Read the Crash Report to find out how to get your crash report ID. This ID is linked to the accident database and with information about the incidents of accidents, our developers And provides support assistants.
If Mozilla Crash Reporter failed to submit its crash report or failed, see how to get a stack trace for bug report on MDN and move Thunderbird, wherever you see Firefox in instructions

General crash help and suggestions

Thunderbird updates are issued regularly and many of the fixes are related to the accident. Make sure you are using the latest version. See Updating Thunderbird for details.

Check for problematic add-ons

Due to the Thunderbird Crash add-on, can the Thunderbird crash even when it is launched in safe mode? If not, an add-on may include a bug, or it may not be fully compatible with the updated version of Thunderbird. See Add-ons and extensions for details on deactivating and updating add-ons.

How to fix Sending and Receiving Messages on Thunderbird?

As soon as you’ve set up an email account, you’re ready to start sending and receiving messages in Thunderbird. Here’s how to do it.

Sending a new message

  1. In the Thunderbird toolbar, click the Write button. The Write window opens.
  2. In the toolbox, type the email address you want to send the message to.
  3. In the Subject box, type the subject of your message.
  4. Type your message in the message pane.

Tip: If HTML-formatting of composed text is allowed in account settings, you can customize the appearance of your message with Thunderbird’s word-processing functions in the Formatting Bar above the message pane. Smiles included!

  1. Click the Send button.

Receiving messages

By default, every time you open the app, Thunderbird checks new messages, this app is running when it automatically checks again every 10 minutes. This behaviour can be optimized for both tasks ( see below.)
To check messages at another time, click on the received message button in the toolbar.

How to set up IMAP and POP3 Email Account in Mozilla Thunderbird?

E-mail clients, such as Thunderbird, cannot easily go to the web-interface to check their email This tutorial will help you to configure your specific personal email account in Thunderbird.
The private e-mail service supports the Autoconf feature, which automatically allows you to set up an email account in Thunderbird.

Note: Before setting up an e-mail account like this, make sure that you already have the necessary DNS records and mailboxes created
We will use the test email account [email protected] in this tutorial. To set up an automated email account, you need to do the following:

Follow these Thunderbird Email Configration

  1. Go to File New Existing Mail Account:
  2. In Mail, Account Setup window enter the following details: Your Name: the name you would like the recipients of your emails to see.
    E-Mail Address: your full Private Email address
    Password: password for your Private Email account.Make sure you do not have blank spaces in it.NOTE: if by any chance you do not remember your password, you can easily reset it using the following tutorial.
  3. Once all the fields are filled, click Continue:
  4. You will see Configuration found at email provider message.
    Make sure that your Incoming and Outgoing configuration was detected properly and matches the one you can see on the screenshot below:
  5. Click Done if it is the same.
  1. If you do not see Configuration found at email provider message or if configuration was not detected properly for some reason, you can complete the first two steps and continue configuring Thunderbird manually in this way: After the first two steps are completed you will either see manual config window (in case Thunderbird fails to detect configuration automatically) or will need to click on Manual Config to see that window:
  2. In the next screen, Select POP3 or IMAP from the Account Type list, and enter your details as follows: For IMAP protocol use the following settings: Incoming and Outgoing server: mail.privateemail.comProtocol: IMAP     Port: 993    SSL: SSL/TLS     Authentication: Normal Password
    Protocol: SMTP    Port: 465     SSL: SSL/TLS     Authentication: Normal Password

For POP3 protocol use the following settings:

Incoming and Outgoing server:

Protocol: POP3    Port: 995    SSL: SSL/TLS     Authentication: Normal Password
Protocol: SMTP    Port: 465     SSL: SSL/TLS     Authentication: Normal Password

NOTE: if Add Security Exception window appears, click Confirm Security Exception button.