How to fix Mozilla Thunderbird not opening?

Fix Mozilla Thunderbird not Opening

Mozilla Thunderbird is the most trusted, solid email software in the market. It is a success web browser in the field of searching information. It is very easy to use and popular in corporate area with its interesting features.

Solution of Mozilla Thunderbird Not Opening

  • Reinstall Thunderbird
  • Use updated software and portable version
  • Restart and Reset Modem
  • Switch to different email client
  • Use PC repair tool with Patended technologies

Delete parent.lock file

  • Close the Mozilla Thunderbird program
  • Click right on the task bar and open task manager
  • Go to processes, search and remove all Thunderbird processes
  • Now press window key +R
  • Type (%appdata%) and press enter
  • Now open the Thunderbird profile
  • Search and delete the file parent.lock
  • Start Thunderbird again

Use Safe Mode

  • For Run command press “window +R”
  • Type( thunderbird –safe-mode) and press enter
  • A new window will open, click on Continue
  • Please check “disable all add-ons and reset toolbars and control
  • And click on the make changes and hit restart

Start Windows in Safe Mode

  • Press Windows key+ I to open the settings
  • Go to update & settings
  • Select recovery
  • Click restart now in advanced start up
  • Select troubleshoot >advanced options>start up settings and then restart
  • Now you will see a list of option then press F5 or 5 to select safe mode with networking

2 thoughts on “How to fix Mozilla Thunderbird not opening?

  1. Chances are, both these will be bolded in the list. Changing these and clicking “okay” should bring up the dialog box asking to set a default browser. I was not getting this until I changed these settings. Now my Thunderbird links are opening just fine. Hope this helps for others as well.

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