What is the Mozilla Thunderbird?

What is the Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is email service, open source, cross e-mail platform which has been developed by Mozilla to help individuals having control and create a good future for the web. Yet issues like opening and downloading new messages, problems in opening file attachments as well as sending and receiving of messages is quite common. Mozilla Thunderbird users need to back up regularly to guard against the possibility that their profile gets corrupted or wiped after installing a new extension or a new version of Firefox.

Issues Related to Thunderbird

  • Thunderbird account hacked or blocked
  • Password related issues
  • Unable to attach or download files
  • Unable to sending or receiving emails
  • Thunderbird server related issues
  • Thunderbird account configuration
  • Thunderbird security or privacy related issues
  • Thunderbird Support Forum

Our Technical Support Services include

  • Modifying e-mail programs according to customer requirement
  • Technical support for configuration of e-mail settings.
  • Technical support to install, update and configure existing security software
  • 24×7 online support for configuring e-mails on Thunderbird
  • Providing support for checking any type of phishing
  • Online support for repairing Thunderbird

4 thoughts on “What is the Mozilla Thunderbird?

  1. Understanding how “Junk” mail works
    There are two folders—one called Junk (with flame icon), another called JunkMail. I have not selected “Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account.” Thunderbird sends legitimate emails to JunkMail. Thunderbird is getting this email from my Spectrum account (imap).

    Questions: What is the difference between the two Junk folders.
    How do I get Thunderbird to not send emails to JunkMail? (The “Mark message as not junk” option doesn’t seem to work since this happens repeatedly with emails from the same sender).

    Thank you.

    Thunderbird 60.9.1
    Windows 10
    Dell XPS desktop, Windows Surface pro

    The junk mail controls should only move spam to the junk folder since it has the flame icon. Any folder can be configured as a the junk folder, the flame icon indicates that is the one specified in “junk settings”. If you haven’t enabled the adaptive junk mail controls it could rely upon “trust junk mail headers set by” instead to identify messages as junk. However, the junk is showing up in junkmail, not junk, so its unlikely that its due to being identified as junk unless you have some message filters that do that.

    If you have a corrupt or full inbox folder that can cause most/all new mail to show up in a junk folder. However I would have expected it to be junk, not junkmail in that case. I suggest you use the config editor at tools -> options -> advanced ->general to search for any references to junkmail. I suggest you also try deleting that folder if that isn’t the junk folder used by Spectrum. You should configure Thunderbird to use whatever junk folder your email provider uses.

    I suggest you try sending some new mail to yourself at that account, immediately exit Thunderbird, and login to your spectrum webmail using a browser and see if that new mail shows up in a junkmail folder. If it does then Thunderbird is not doing it, something is wrong with your email provider.

    If none of this helps try using safe mode (help -> restart with add-ons disabled) for a while to see if your problem is due to a add-on that is misbehaving. You can also start in safe mode (not to be confused with windows safe mode) by holding down the shift key when clicking on the shortcut.

    Apparently Spectrum uses the term JunkMail as the title for the junk folder on their servers. Thunderbird creates a folder named Junk during installation. Because it doesn’t find a folder with a matching name on the server side, Thunderbird leaves both Junk and JunkMail in the folder list display.
    You can use menu path Tools->Account Settings->Copies & Folders in Thunderbird to determine which folder is used to store messages identified as junk. However, since you don’t have Thunderbird’s junk mail controls active on that account, it’s probably Spectrum and not Thunderbird that is identifying those messages as junk. Check on the server by logging into the account using a browser and see if those messages are stored in the JunkMail folder there.
    See this link for more information on Thunderbird’s Junk Mail Controls. https://www-archive.mozilla.org/start/1 … nk-control

  2. I have 2 addressees in/on this compute (2 from my wife), mine & my wife’s but hers doesn’t seem to be working. Help. Note I tried to delete/copy hers but it didn’t work.

    Application Basics

    Name: Thunderbird
    Version: 68.2.2
    Build ID: 20191105113228

    Update Channel: release
    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/68.2.2
    OS: Windows_NT 10.0

  3. I got an e-mail from Google saying that Thunderbird will need to use OAuth sometime in the new year. Well, it doesn’t seem to have OAuth, but I did find OAuth2. So I followed the directions in https://www.supertechcrew.com/thunderbird-oauth2-gmail/ but after I click “Allow” Thunderbird says “Authentication failure when trying to connect to imap.googlemail.com”. The funny part is, even if I change the server for that account to “imap.gmail.com” it *still* gives that error.
    I’m running Thunderbird 60.9.0 64-bit on Ubuntu 16.04.

  4. I downloaded Glogg and it was’t helping.

    I downloaded grepp and it only seem to search folders – not files. It will search a subfolder like C:\Stuff\PC but not my TB Inbox file.

    I’ve tried Notepad++, Libre Writer, too.

    Is there any Linux built-in Text Editors I could use with a Linux version I could burn on to a flash drive to use it live (as opposed to installed version)?

    This is taking so much time and effort just to search a TB Inbox file for a person’s name.

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