Mozilla Thunderbird Problems

How to fix Mozilla Thunderbird error?

Mozilla thunderbird is totally free. It is an open source application. Fix Mozilla Thunderbird Problems, Mozilla thunderbird manages all you all images, chats, news feed news group. Many versions are available which supports windows, mac and Linux platforms. These errors sometimes freezes the application and you have to shut down the system. Mozilla Corporation has created Thunderbird.

Thunderbird Email is very popular application. Mozilla Thunderbird application is based on desktop. This application controls completely on the email messages. You can install a number of add ons in thunderbird. You can free download and install thunderbird. We can use various language in Thunderbird. Mozilla thunderbird in email service which is used by many peoples in the office. You can save your personal information like messages, password in a Thunderbird profile. You can also save your important files in this application

Problems and Errors in Mozilla Thunderbird

These are the problems and errors which you are facing while you are using thunderbird.

  • Cannot delete your message in Thunderbird
  • Problem in sending email message
  • You are not receiving the messages
  • Mozilla thunderbird closes immediately
  • Server does not support encryption
  • The hyperlink in messages is not working properly

Causes of Error in Mozilla Thunderbird

The following are the error in Mozilla thunderbird.

  • Your trash folder is corrupted
  • You have done Incorrect ┬áMozilla Thunderbird settings
  • Your Internet service provider is blocked
  • Mail server is not supporting encryption