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Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client that offers a range of options to customize its features, like emails, chats, news, etc. It is one of the most popular email clients used by many users all over the world. It allows integrating multiple mailboxes with SMTP or POP protocols. Thunderbird is a lightweight, responsive application that works very well. Here, Mozilla Thunderbird Support Forum you will get to know the steps to manage Thunderbird profile, like backup & restore emails, creating profiles and contacts editing, etc.

Create a new profile:

To create a new profile, first, run Profile Manager. Steps to start the Profile Manager in Windows:

  1. Exit the Thunderbird from the main menu
  2. Go to Start menu and select Run and type thunderbird.exe -Profile Manager and click OK. (For Windows Vista uses the search box)

Note: Mac users should hold down the Option key and click twice on the Thunderbird icon. On Linux go to Thunderbird -> Profile Manager

  1.   Now, you will be able to see the Profile Manager window that you can see on the available screenshots.

Note: Profile Manager also allows you to remove and rename existing profiles.

  1. Here, on the profile manager window, click on the Create Profile option to initiate the Create Profile Wizard. Press Next button and type the desired name for the profile.
  2. You are also allowed to choose the desired location to save the profile. This could be useful when you plan to export your settings to another system in the future.
  3. Click ‘Finish‘to complete the process.
  4. To view the newly created profiles go back to the Profile Manager and you will be able to see it on the list. Choose it and run Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Now, your Thunderbird email is running on the new profile that you have created, all settings will be reset to default. In case you want to switch to any old profile, run the Profile Manager again and choose the old profile.

Backup Thunderbird

You can easily backup Thunderbird email by following below mentioned steps:

  • Close the Thunderbird
  • Create a copy of your profile folder and move it to a separate hard disk or a CD-RW disc for backup purposes.