Quick Configure Thunderbird to Gmail

The quick way to configure Thunderbird to Gmail

Want to CONFIGURE THUNDERBIRD instantly with Gmail. If you are in hurry to complete your work use THUNDERBIRD. Want to work in a easy manner. Want to use THUNDERBIRD in a comfort zone.
The easiest steps to CONFIGURE THUNDERBIRD to Gmail. These are very short features to CONFIGURE THUNDERBIRD with GMAIL. You can follow these steps without taking any stress. Now you have to open the the page of Settings.

Please ‘CLICK‘  Enable IMAP
Now please be ready to follow these steps to complete your work as fast as you could .

Quick Configure Thunderbird to Gmail
Enable IMAP to your gmail account.


Now the page of THUNDERBIRD will open

OPEN it.
Please ‘Click’ tools
Please Click Accounts settings .

NOW the page of accounts setting will open

. Thunderbird accounts setting

Please Enter your Name

Then Enter your Email.
Now Enter your Password
CLICK continue.

Thunderbird accounts setting
THUNDERBIRD will automatically configure your settings to your GMAIL accounts.

Now fill the required fields.


Now Enter your NAME
Enter your EMAIL address


Now ‘Click’ Manual set up


Now please enter the accounts settings very carefully.

Click on Outgoing server (SMPT)

The page of SMPT will open
Select Smpt.gmail.com
Now Enter the settings as shown in the image.
The page of Accounts settings Test Guide will open.
Please Click the first option
Enter your Email address in account name field
On SMPT please CLICK.
Please SELECT Google mail smtp.gmail.com

 Please ‘CLICK’ Read messages

Now you can CONFIGURE THUNDERBIRD with GMAIL account very easily.
Now you can COMPOSE new Mail.
Now you can Send Mail.
NOW  finally you can Move mails to Folders.

These are the easy and few steps to CONFIGURE THUNDERBIRD with Gmail account.So not to be worry about to CONFIGURE with Gmail.These are the immediate solution to CONFIGURE THUNDERBIRD with GMAIL. By using these steps you can CONFIGURE  THUNDERBIRD  with Gmail immediately.