Problem with email after Thunderbird Upgrade ; support @ 1-855-785-2511

Problem with email after Thunderbird Upgrade

Problem with email after Thunderbird Upgrade

On 6/21/11, there was a Thunderbird upgrade to version 3.1.11.  Since this upgrade, Thunderbird will not download messages from the Yahoo! mail server.  Has anyone experienced this and possibly found a solution?  No problems prior to the upgrade.  Now it says Connected to, but never downloads and there are no error messages.  I know this isn’t “officially” supported, but I am sure there are others that use Thunderbird.  Thanks.

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Maybe this has something to do with it.

Known Issues

This list covers some of the known problems with Thunderbird 3.1. Please read this before reporting any new bugs.

All Systems

Your passwords are stored in a new location. If you go back to using Thunderbird 2 or switch back and forth between Thunderbird 3.1 and Thunderbird 2, your password lists do not get updated.

I use the same version of Thunderbird, and when I switched to AT&T Uverse, it took me a week to get my EMAIL working.  I never did get any help from AT&T, I had to figure it out myself.

I think My problem was server settings, but I did delete all my passwords and start over again.

My server settings are incoming server port 110. Outgoing SMTP server port 25 connection security, none.

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Jun 25, 2011 12:10:39 PM


I had the same problem with Thunderbird suddenly not working. I found the problem in the McAfee software. McAfee recently updated about the same time Thunderbird updated. For some reason, the McAfee firewall blocks Thunderbird from accessing the internet in the upgrade. Go to the firewall settings tab in the McAfee Security Center. Then go to the Program permissions tab. Look down the list and find the Thunderbird program. Highlight Thunderbird and click the edit tab. Change access from Blocked to Full. When I did this my Thunderbird worked fine.

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