Why Thunderbird Now Requires Passwords Every Time I Open It?

Out of the blue, Thunderbird, now, asks you for all the passwords to your email accounts whenever to open it up (If you have 7 accounts). Is this a new feature of Thunderbird from a recent update or some kind of glitch which has come up? It’s possible that Thunderbird mistakenly believes that you have set a Master Password.

If that does not resolve the problem: Did you ever set Thunderbird to save your passwords to automatically submit them when the email servers request that information? If you had done that and it now does not remember those passwords.

Thunderbird Requires Passwords Every Time

Steps: Go to the TOOLS > OPTIONS >SECURITY > PASSWORDS tab> SAVED PASSWORDS button and there you can delete the already stored passwords. Then Restart Thunderbird. The next time you “Get Mail” Thunderbird will ask for the password and you can check the box to remember the value.

To stop Thunderbird from asking for the password every time you send an email, You can try other steps.

  • In Thunderbird, click Tools, Account Settings, and in the left pane, click “Outgoing Server”
  • Click Edit.
  • Under “Security and Authentication” DESELECT “Use name and password”
  • Click OK and again OK.

Thunderbird Now Requires Passwords Every Time I Open It

If you need a master password, you supply a master password in the POPup window, you use a software protection device (Firefox uses “Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Encryption Certificate: Security Log into the device, software protection tool “). If you select the software protection device you have logged in, then you notice the enabled “logout” button, otherwise, the “login” button is enabled in that window. Access to encrypted names and passwords is possible unless you are logged on to the software security device and if you leave your computer unattended, then you will need to log out of the “Device” private data to prevent other data from accessing it. Clear: Authenticated session “This is the same, but in addition, you will be logged out of secure web sites. You may need to clear cookies to log in from other sites

Resetting the Master Password

If you have lost your master password or have forgotten or you want to disable the feature, you can reset the master password. Resetting master password will remove all stored password information. Upon reset, you will lose all the stored information in Password Manager, because it is a built-in security feature, so that in order to prevent people from accessing your password, resetting your master password can be prevented.

  • In the Firefox Enter chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul into the Location Bar (address bar), press the “Enter” key and click “Reset”.
  • Thunderbird: Choose Tools ->Developer Tools-> Error Console, paste the expression openDialog(“chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul”) and press the Evaluate button. That will open a dialog asking you if you want to reset your password.
  • Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey: “Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Master Passwords -> Reset Password”.