How to fix Mozilla Thunderbird not opening?

Fix Mozilla Thunderbird not Opening

Mozilla Thunderbird is the most trusted, solid email software in the market. It is a success web browser in the field of searching information. It is very easy to use and popular in corporate area with its interesting features.

Solution of Mozilla Thunderbird Not Opening

  • Reinstall Thunderbird
  • Use updated software and portable version
  • Restart and Reset Modem
  • Switch to different email client
  • Use PC repair tool with Patended technologies

Delete parent.lock file

  • Close the Mozilla Thunderbird program
  • Click right on the task bar and open task manager
  • Go to processes, search and remove all Thunderbird processes
  • Now press window key +R
  • Type (%appdata%) and press enter
  • Now open the Thunderbird profile
  • Search and delete the file parent.lock
  • Start Thunderbird again

Use Safe Mode

  • For Run command press “window +R”
  • Type( thunderbird –safe-mode) and press enter
  • A new window will open, click on Continue
  • Please check “disable all add-ons and reset toolbars and control
  • And click on the make changes and hit restart

Start Windows in Safe Mode

  • Press Windows key+ I to open the settings
  • Go to update & settings
  • Select recovery
  • Click restart now in advanced start up
  • Select troubleshoot >advanced options>start up settings and then restart
  • Now you will see a list of option then press F5 or 5 to select safe mode with networking