Thunderbird email problems ; Call support @ 1-855-785-2511

Thunderbird email problems

Call support @ 1-855-785-2511

I have been using Nis 2011 since it was in beta and have been using Thunderbird 3.1 beta the whole time. Just starting today NIS has started to stop all incoming and outgoing email through thunderbird. I can get my email through web mail but it is just to slow and I like using Tunderbird. I am using win 7 ultimate with NIS 2011 and Thunderbird 3.1. If anyone has an answer please let me know.

Re: Thunderbird email problems

fjevader wrote:
I have been using Nis 2011 since it was in beta and have been using Thunderbird 3.1 beta the whole time. Just starting today NIS has started to stop all incoming and outgoing email through thunderbird.

What are the indications that NIS is actively blocking your email program?  What notifications and alerts are you seeing and what do they say?


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When I turn off the email protection like this:


Re: Thunderbird email problems


Thanks for the screenshot, but it does not tell us what you are actually seeing when mail delivery fails.  If you can be more specific about what happens when you try to send or receive mail it might help to define the issue.


Call support @ 1-855-785-2511

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When I click on the get mail button Thunderbird tells me that the connection has been refused from Road runner. Than once I turn off the email protection in NIS I will be able to receive and send email. This is all it tells me. I have already been to Road Runner and Mozilla and both say it is with Nortons and not them.  I have been over and over all the config stuff with both of them. Not too sure what else I can tell you at this time. And before you ask it is not Windows either. I have also updated every thing and ran two full systems scans and One system restore. Nothing works except to turn off NIS which is kind of stupid because that was one of the reasons I bought NIS to start with. Thanks just the same.


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Hi fjevader,

This may be an issue with the ports that are being used.  Please go to Account Settings in Thunderbird and let us know what ports are shown for Server Settings (POP Mail Server) and also for Outgoing Server (SMTP).  Have you gotten any notification from Road Runner about them blocking port 25?  Is this problem something new that just started happening out of the blue?

Norton can only scan ports 110 and port 25.  If you are required to use other ports, you will need to disable Norton Email Scanning.  Doing so would not pose any security risk, as all incoming attachments are scanned by Auto-Protect when they are opened, and outgoing message scanning is for the benefit of your recipients only.  Email scanning is an added layer of functionality that is carried over from earlier times – it is no longer an essential feature and you will be no less safe if you need to disable it.


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Thunderbird is using ports 110 and 25. I can’t believe you said that about the email scanning. If it’s not needed why do you keep it than? Thanks for all of your help.


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fjevader wrote:
I can’t believe you said that about the email scanning. If it’s not needed why do you keep it than?

It’s a carry-over from the past.  It’s useful sometimes, but no longer essential.  Norton email scanning should work fine with those ports, so something else must be going on.  What is the full version number of Thunderbird you are using?  You said 3.1 Beta.  I hope that was a typo, as the full release version has been available for quite some time and is now at version 3.1.6.If you are using the Beta release, you should uninstall it completely and install 3.1.6.


Re: Thunderbird email problems

It is the 3.1.6 Version and not the beta. The only thing I have not tried yet is to reinstall NIS. Will work on that later when I have the time. Thanks.


Re: Thunderbird email problems

Have you gone in to program control and made sure to add Thunderbird as allowed.  The .exe that was allowed before may not be valid any more.  I don’t know what else would have changed.  NIS2011 and Thunderbird with 3.1.6 work together without issue on my machine.  I have email scanning on and antispam turned off.

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Problems sending email from Thunderbird ; Call support @ 1-855-785-2511

Problems sending email from Thunderbird

I had a computer crash a few weeks ago and had to rebuild the software.  Moved up to Thunderbird 3.1for my email.  When I tried to receive email for my att account I had no trouble.  However now when I try to send from Thunderbird I get the following message;

Problems sending email from Thunderbird

An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded:  From address not verified – see  Please verify that your email address is correct in your Mail preferences and try again.


Before with an older version of thunderbird I had no problems.  I noticed now the one setting on TB is for “SSL/TLS”, not

just “SSL” or “TLS” as before.


I think you may have two problems.

If you are trying to send email using a “From” address other than your primary DSL email, you need to verify it through AT&T Yahoo’s complicated and confusing verification system.  See this support article: good luck to you in figuring out how to do it — I’ve done it for many accounts and still do it wrong several times before I get it right).

Call support @ 1-855-785-2511

Here are the Outgoing Server settings I use for Thunderbird 3.1:

Description:  can be anything or left blank

Server Name: (my primary account is — you may need to use if your primary account email is

Port: 25

Connection Security:  STARTTLS, if available

Authentication method:  Password, transmitted insecurely

User Name: (or whatever your PRIMARY user name is, probably in your case)

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Look for additional problem with thunderbird

Thunderbird Outgoing Email Problems, Call support @ 1-855-785-2511

Thunderbird Outgoing Email Problems – SMTP Configuration Scenarios

It is clear that several people are having problems with an outgoing email with Mozilla’s Thunderbird. Most outgoing e-mail problems are related to improper SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) configurations. Sometimes an ISP’s server configuration changes. Sometimes the user may not select the proper SMTP server for an account. In this post, I will attempt to cover some of the most common configurations that I find in the hope that one of them will work properly with your particular email server or ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The first part of this article begins with the post Outgoing Email Problems with Thunderbird. You might want to check that out for some background information.

I will start with some of the common SMTP configurations that I see. If you use a major ISP and your configuration is different, please post the name of your ISP and the configuration details in the comment section. Also, if you know of a publicly accessible page where the ISP offers configuration information, please post that as well.

Let’s get started.

First, the Thunderbird configuration section for SMTP server settings can be found at:

  1. Select Account Settings from the Tools menu.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list if e-mail accounts.
  3. Select Outgoing Server (SMTP).


The section that you want is at the top of the right-hand side.


Highlight an SMTP account and click the Edit button, or if you want to add a new account click the Add button. The SMTP Server dialog box will pop up.

The Description is not important, but if you configure multiple SMTP accounts it would be a good idea to enter a description. The Server Name and the User Name are the two important areas to focus on. You will need to get this information from your hosting company or ISP. The account name is usually just the primary account name from your ISP. That is the name to the left of the @ in your primary e-mail address. With some ISPs it is important to use the primary account name and not necessarily the account name for the individual e-mail address you are using.

You do not need to set up separate SMTP accounts for each e-mail address if you have multiple e-mail accounts set up with the ISP. In fact, most ISPs allow you to run all of your outgoing e-mail through their SMTP servers, so if you find that one SMTP server works well, try selecting it for each of your e-mail accounts.

Typical AT&T SMTP Configuration in Thunderbird


  • Enter the SMTP Server Name. There are many variations of this, depending upon which AT&T e-mail service you are using. You will need to get the correct server name from your AT&T service provider.
  • Make sure that “Use name and password” is checked.
  • Use the full e-mail address for the primary account.
  • AT&T e-mail uses a secure connection. Click on the SSL radio button. The Port will change to 465 when you click the radio button.

AT&T Support Info: How to verify At&T email Settings.

Typical SMTP Configuration in Thunderbird


  • Enter the SMTP Server Name. Cox uses different SMTP servers for different geographic regions in the USA. Get the proper SMTP server name by contacting Cox.
  • Make sure that “Use name and password” is checked.
  • Use the account name for the primary account. Thunderbird will prompt you for the password the first time you send e-mail.
  • Cox does not use a secure connection. Leave the No radio button selected.

Typical GMail SMTP Configuration in Thunderbird


  • Enter the Gmail SMTP Server Name.
  • Make sure that “Use name and password” is checked.
  • Enter your account name. If the e-mail address is, the account name is my account name. Thunderbird will prompt you for the password the first time you send e-mail.
  • Gmail uses an encrypted connection. Make sure that the SSL radio button is selected.

A Very Important Final Step


Do not forget that if you set up an additional SMTP server configuration, you must select it in the Account Settings for each e-mail account you want to run through that server. Right-click on an account name and select properties to view the Account Settings. You may also have to clear the password assigned to an account when you switch SMTP servers. Follow the instructions in changing Thunderbird passwords to do so.

I found a page in the page in the Mozilla’s Thunderbird support section that includes links to set up pages with several popular ISPs. You might want to take a look at Creating accounts in Thunderbird for popular email providers to see if they have the configuration information that you need.

Some Additional Notes

  • Always get the proper outgoing email configuration information from your hosting company or ISP.
  • Don’t rule out the possibility that your PC might be causing the problem. Try temporarily disabling your virus software and firewall to see if either of these systems is blocking outgoing e-mail.
  • If possible, set up multiple SMTP configurations so that if one fails, you can switch to another. I run most of my mail through my Cox SMTP server because I have found it to be more reliable than AT&T. However, both accounts have gone down periodically. Mail servers run into problems just like any other server. Sometimes the customer service people that you call are completely unaware of any issues with server downtime.
  • If you are using a Yahoo account for e-mail, be aware that Yahoo changed their system configuration a while ago. See the following page for more information: Yahoo Outgoing E-mail Problems with Thunderbird.

Additional and related post

Redirecting emails in Thunderbird problem ; call support @ 1-855-785-2511

I have instslled Mozilla Thunderbird in order to redirect a large number of emails.  Redirct extention works but there is a problem.   Original senders name and email subject line retained but date is latest date received at redirected site.  Need to have original date and time retained.  I saw a post on another site that original date can be preserved.  Anyone now how to do this?   Urgent.  Large batch of 150 or so emails almost useless with date sorting.  Thanks.


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Thanks war1,

That’s interesting, and the only thing I can think of is the receiving email client.  As noted above, when I redirected from, the gmail did indeed show today’s date and time, BUT if I hit the Show Details, it did show the original date of 8/23/2007.

When it then was downloaded into TB (I use the pop access of gmail) It showed up as a received date of 8/23/07, but it also showed the recipient as the Original, not the redirected to address.

Have you tested this on your own?  Is there something I am missing?



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The redirect extension of Thunderbird does not preserve the date.  There is a trick to preverse the date if redirecting emails to Gmail, but only for Gmail address.

Hope this helps, war1


Expert Comment

Which redirect extension did you use?  I have successfully redirected from to and kept the date intact.  If using the gmail interface, hit the Show Details text all the way to the right of the From after you open the mail.

But even better, if using Thunderbird to access the gmail account, it does in fact list it as the date of original delivery.

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