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In the last few months, I found two new spam lists (I have never signed up for a list), whereas the old filters were able to deal automatically with most spam, but now they do not. The current filters were for the domain name, but a spammer constantly creates a new .com no any domain name that has not yet been flagged at the server level. A report Mozilla Thunderbird spam filter  sends those new top-level domains, such as party and bid.

How to report Mozilla Thunderbird spam filter?

For a while, taking a code or recruiting hackers, you can help Mozilla Thunderbird to do everything in Bugzilla Travel by providing as much detail as possible through bug reporting and by facilitating or voting for them.

You have  found in Mozilla Thunderbird to report a bug or you have suggested an increase or new feature:

  • Find Bugzilla for an existing bug report that covers your problem.
  • If your problem has already been filed
  • Add something new, you can contribute as a comment.
  • If the bug has been reported to be on Linux and you see it under Mac OS X, for example, you can say this in the comments, however, do not make changes in bug areas.
  • If you can add situations where the problem occurs in particular, if it is not yet clear how the bug can be reproduced so far in the discussion, then it is very good.
  • Vote for a bug to boom its visibility
  • If you do not find any existing bugs that you want to report, then it covers
  • Create a new bug report
  • Follow detailed instructions on the Bugzilla site.

If you want a new feature or improvement, make sure the promotion a new feature or request for enhancement. Under Severity, you can add “Feature Request:” in the Summary field.

Call @ +1-800-359-4380 Toll-free for more help and support.

Thunderbird Backup and Restore Local Folders of Thunderbird

Backup and Restore Local Folders

Thunderbird Backup and RestoreThunderbird Backup and Restore: Mozilla Thunderbird is a success web browser. It is very safe to save all your personal information, passwords, messages, files and many more. It is a free program to access easily with interesting features and can operate windows, Mac, Linux etc.

Thunderbird Backup and Restore: Restore Email folder in Mozilla Thunderbird

Use repair folder tool to restore Emails                                                                                                                                             Thunderbird Backup and Restore


  • Open the Thunderbird and click on the Inbox                                                                                                                     Thunderbird Backup and Restore


  • Click on EDIT                                                                                                                                                                            Thunderbird Backup and Restore


  • Choose folder properties                                                                                                                                                          Thunderbird Backup and Restore


  • Go to the general information
  • Click on the repair folder                                                                                                                                                         Thunderbird Backup and Restore

Thunderbird Backup

  • To open the RUN window, please press the Window Key + R
  • Type (exe –profilemanager) and click OK                                                                                                                       Thunderbird Backup and Restore
  • Now click on create profile                                                                                                                                                       Thunderbird Backup and Restore


  • Click on next
  • Now enter the name of new profile and choose the folder                                                                                                  Thunderbird Backup and Restore
  • Open the profile folder and click the name of profile
  • Click select folder                                                                                                                                                                      Thunderbird Backup and Restore
  • Click on finish                                                                                                                                                                             Thunderbird Backup and Restore


  • Now, Click the new profile
  • Check (use the selected profile without asking at start up)
  • Click start Thunderbird                                                                                                                                                           Thunderbird Backup and Restore

Manually Back up Thunderbird Emails and Profiles

  • Open the Start menu or window explore
  • Browse to %appdata% Thunderbird Backup and Restore
  • Now go to folder options                                                                                                                                                          Thunderbird Backup and Restore
  • Now right click and select send to (compressed folder)                                                                                                      Thunderbird Backup and Restore
  • Wait a few minutes to be copied and compressed into zip folder                                                                                       Thunderbird Backup and Restore

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Thunderbird Backup and Restore

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