New in Mozilla Thunderbird 52.0

New in Mozilla Thunderbird 52.0

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This article describes the major changes that appear to users in Thunderbird version 52.0. Full details of all the changes can be found in Thunderbird 52.0. release notes.

Compared to Thunderbird version 45.0, this is a very less visible change in user interface, but instead, many long bugs and annoyances were fixed.

Mail composition

The most important change is how to include images in a composition window. The images are now included in the form of a URI, not as a reference to other messages or parts of operating system files. This allows better interoperability with office packages such as MS Office or LibreOffice. It fixes problems for long in attaching pictures to other messages. Images related to locations on the Internet will no longer be downloaded and will be automatically attached to the message. It can be transformed individually through image properties dialogue for each image or changing it globally by setting priority email.compose.attach_http_images

Since the data URI originally appears in the raw binary data user interface, it is now a small and inserts HTML dialogue in the Image Properties dialogue, for example:

New in Thunderbird 52.0


When pasting images that reference operating system files into the compose window, the image will now be blocked and a notification will be displayed:

This is to protect users from inadvertently disclosing files.

Main Message Window – Folder Pane

The folder pane now has a Folder Pane Toolbar on the top which comes preconfigured with the Folder Views switcher. The Folder Pane Toolbar can be enabled through the View menu > Toolbars.

New in Thunderbird 52.0

Main Window – Thread Pane

The Correspondents column with new icons is now the default for all new folders. There is no forced conversion. This can be switched off with the preference mail.threadpane.use_correspondents.

Calendar – Lightning – Event in a Tab

Events can now be created and edited in a tab. To enable this option, select Edit events and tasks in a tab instead of in a dialogue window in the Tools menu > Options > Calendar > General tab.


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Effectual Support by Mozilla Thunderbird Technical Support Number

Mozilla Thunderbird tech support number 1855 785 2511

Thunderbird tech service from Mozilla is a popular email application which you may be used to access your emails or other content. Your reason to use Thunderbird may be one of its great features like tabbed emails, advanced search, better security or the customization options or that it is Open Source and Free to use. Thunderbird tech support 1855 785 2511

Mozilla Thunderbird Technical Support | +1-855-785-2511

Mozilla Thunderbird is a high-sounding web browser service used through the several people in all over the world. There are umpteen subscribers who have installed the Mozilla Thunderbird browser service in their various types of the devices. Whenever a user gets stuck with the official name of the Mozilla web browser application suite then you can get the help of the Mozilla Thunderbird tech support number 1855 785 2511 which is extensively crucial and convenient for the users.

Apart from this if you are getting the error in downloading and configuring issues then you can contact the tech support team through Mozilla Thunderbird tech support number that offers suitable tech support service on reasonable cost for Thunderbird tech service.

Thunderbird tech service

Thunderbird Technical Support Number 1855 785 2511

It is even obvious that problem arises regularly and due to lack of knowledge of the technical troubleshooting you are unable to resolve the problem individually and instantly. In that case, you need to get assistance by means of Mozilla Thunderbird tech support number 1855 785 2511.

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Thunderbird Tech Support For Various Customer Services

Helpline for Thunderbird 1855 785 2511

Email is one of the basic needs for every individual today, be it for personal use or for business purpose its unlimited features has made human a slave to it. One of them is Mozilla Thunderbird. Its a free, open source, portable email, news and chat client developed under the big name Mozilla Foundation. It gives you a simple and uncluttered UI, a text editor with rich variety, a simple set up and most importantly one can install different extension to extend its features. Thunderbird is an application with very few but noticeable weaknesses, like for example Mozilla Thunderbird password recovery or corrupt data in mail box when switch to local folder mode, nested email folders with arbitrary length paths etc with attacking behavior. Helpline for Thunderbird 1855 785 2511

Top reason or issues for which our Mozilla Thunderbird tech support team could be handy for you :-

  1. Guideline with setup process for Thunderbird
  2. Unable to receive or send messages
  3. Issue on Log in Log out
  4. Global Database Configuring
  5. Plug-in crash
  6. Password recovery not working
  7. Unable to add contacts
  8. Handling all technical glitches with Thunderbird
  9. Mozilla Thunderbird Support for windows 10.
  10. Mozilla Thunderbird Support for windows 7,8.

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Need Help for Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is loaded with features with an easy to set up service 1855 785 2511

If you are planning to experience new email service provider along with a regular one that you have, Mozilla Thunderbird can be a great option with the amazing features that is has got. Without wasting much of your time we would introduce you to some of the noticeable features that makes it a must try.

Thunderbird Technical support 1855 785 2511

  • Account setup wizard: Easiest to start with it just takes your name, email address, password and the email account set up and with the help of the database the email account set up wizard would find the email settings.
  • Personalized email address: if you have always thought of having a personal email address for your home or business Mozilla does it for you. You can sing up with Thunderbird for getting the personal email address and the set up will be done automatically.
  • Reminder for attachment: The attachment reminder looks for the word attachment in the text and reminds you to add one.
  • Address book in one click: This lets you add people in your address book with just one click. You can do this by simply clicking on the star icon in the message that is received.
  • Multiple channel chat: Thunderbird supports multiple networks to let you do the chat with your favourite message applications. It makes easier to search any past conversation or emails.

Thunderbird Technical support

Technical support phone number 1855 785 2511

All of these amazing features make thunderbird outstanding as an email service provider. With customer support, one can go ahead with the experience for office or home use. Any issues regarding he services are handled by the expert technicians who are available on a live chat or phone number that is mentioned on the support page. Issues related to Mozilla Thunderbird majorly include slowness, crashing and error messages that look forward to immediate addressing. The official support page provides all he required answers with a direct assistance on a toll-free Thunderbird Technical support phone number 1855 785 2511. Smooth services available can keep it easier while using Mozilla Thunderbird as your email service provider. This includes the expert help at the time of any interruption that blocks our services and account access. Minor problems like password recovery and major ones can all be sorted with just one call that gets you connected to the technicians. Thunderbird Technical support phone number 1855 785 2511 is a toll-free assistance that could keep it all running by giving you the right advice at right time.

Get this easy to access way and you can go ahead with all the features to give you a trouble-free service and send and receive emails through one of the best service providers. Mozilla Thunderbird is amazing indeed with the efficient all-round support that it gets along. Keep it going with knowing when to connect where for an effective support waiting for you to ask the questions and they already have the answers prepared. One of the major features of any email service provider is its team and Mozilla does it the best with the efficient lot.


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Mozilla Thunderbird is very trendy in the market with many facilities to protect our system from harmful virus. Sometimes Thunderbird suffer with errors like profile locks that blocks from accessing the services.

 Repair folder in Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Turn off automatic mail checking
  • Click the folder you want to repair in the Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Select the properties
  • Go to “general information” window and click on repair folder” 
  • Then click “ok”

Rebuild Multiple folders

  • Please confirm, Mozilla Thunderbird is not running
  • Open your profile directory on your system
  • Go to your account data folder( Imap accounts and Pop accounts)
  • Locate the “msf files” to tht folder you want to rebuild
  • Move the .msf files to trash
  • Do not delete the file without the .msf extension
  • Now see the file called “inbox”
  • And another file called “imbox.msf
  • Delete “Inbox.msf” file and leave the inbox in place.
  • Now restart Thunderbird and finally you have rebuild the removed .msf index files

Rebuild msf files by X-Mozilla Status

  • Open the thunderbird
  • Now go to “help” and then “troubleshooting information” 
  • Now click on the “open folder” 
  • See “imapmail folder” and click it
  • Select “imap mail” account name
  • Click on the inbox and open it with notepad
  • Now the mail will begin
  • Check the value , if not then edit
  • Now save the file and delete the .msf file
  • Finally restart Mozilla Thunderbird

Unlock Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Press “ctrl” to go to “window task manager” and “delete “keys
  • Click on the “processes”
  • Highlight Mozilla process and press “end task”
  • Close the window task manager
  • Restart your system to finish repairing

Missing and Deleted Messages Still Appears

  • Close Thunderbird and save the file with name “newInbox &put in “local folder” under “mail”
  • Restart Thunderbird
  • Now you can see all the all the missing emails in the new folder “newInbox”
  • Click right on an email
  • And go to “copy to “” and select IMAP mail account inbox

Thunderbird Support

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