Thunderbird keeps asking for password, How to fix it?

Thunderbird keeps asking for password, Fix it

If Thunderbird keeps asking for password. Usually, I wait for some time and restarted it and the problem is gone. This seems to be a server downtime.

Today I created my Thunderbird Email new account in the morning and I received my emails. This evening the trouble started again. Even new account set-up did not help. My other yahoo account is unaffected. This makes me think the problem is with the client.

Thunderbird keeps asking for password, here are the Solution

If the problem disappears with no changes being made to Thunderbird it wouldn’t seem logical to suspect the client. That result points to the server.

That said, go to Edit → Preferences ->SECURITY > PASSWORDS tab> SAVED PASSWORDS button and there you can delete old passwords.Thunderbird keeps asking for password

Restart Thunderbird to ensure that the stored password is cleared from memory.

The next time you “Get Mail” Thunderbird will ask for the password and you can check the box to remember the value.