What is the Mozilla Thunderbird?

What is the Mozilla Thunderbird?

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Mozilla Thunderbird is email service, open source, cross e-mail platform which has been developed by Mozilla to help individuals having control and create a good future for the web. Yet issues like opening and downloading new messages, problems in opening file attachments as well as sending and receiving of messages is quite common. Mozilla Thunderbird users need to back up regularly to guard against the possibility that their profile gets corrupted or wiped after installing a new extension or a new version of Firefox.

Mozilla Thunderbird

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  • Thunderbird account hacked or blocked
  • Password related issues
  • Unable to attach or download files
  • Unable to sending or receiving emails
  • Thunderbird server related issues
  • Thunderbird account configuration
  • Thunderbird security or privacy related issues
  • Thunderbird Support Forum

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  • Modifying e-mail programs according to customer requirement
  • Technical support for configuration of e-mail settings.
  • Technical support to install, update and configure existing security software
  • 24×7 online support for configuring e-mails on Thunderbird
  • Providing support for checking any type of phishing
  • Online support for repairing Thunderbird

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Our technical support services are available round the clock 24×7 so that you can get in touch with our technical experts by calling us on our toll free customer care number +1-855-785-2511, within seconds guaranteed your issues will be resolved and also provide you with useful information about why this problem occurred and how it can be resolved if it happens again in future.

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Thunderbird technical support number an efficient, reliable email is one of the basic needs of an individual today, be it for personal use or for business purpose it’s unlimited features has made human a slave to it. Now the big question is what makes an Email client reliable? In this extreme competition where every other mail client like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Outlook are doing their best to provide the best user experience, one thing that if not completely neglected but surely prioritized very low is the Mozilla Thunderbird customer service they are offering. Thunderbird technical support 1 855 785 2511.

One of them is Mozilla Thunderbird. It is a free, open source, portable email, news and chat client developed under the big name Mozilla Foundation. It gives you a simple and uncluttered UI, a text-editor with rich variety, a simple set up and most importantly one can install different extension to extend its features.Thunderbird is an application with very few but noticeable weaknesses, like for example Mozilla Thunderbird password recovery or corrupt data in mail box when switch to Local Folder mode, nested email folders with arbitrary length paths, etc with attacking behavior.

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Such weakness could be the reason for causing trouble for the users who are captivated using Thunderbird. As we have already mentioned that big enterprises like Mozilla doesn’t have enough of resource or time to handle all the user queries. Thus noticing all such difficulties we a third party tech support service Provider Company is present here in the market to assist you with the best solution for all your queries.

Thunderbird technical support number

Top reason or issues for which our Mozilla Thunderbird tech support team could be handy for you:

  • Guiding you with the setup process for Thunderbird.
  • Learn how to diagnose issue with Gmail, Yahoo and other email providers.
  • Unable to send or receive messages.
  • Log in Log out issues.
  • Configuring Global Database.
  • How to use Safe mode effectively to sort out problems.
  • Plug-in Crash
  • Managing and Configuring Email Aliases.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird password recovery not working
  • Compatibility issue with different operating system.
  • Thunderbird crash or unresponsive.
  • Unable to add contacts.
  • Handling all technical glitches with Thunderbird.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird password recovery & reset issues
  • Contact Mozilla Thunderbird tech support phone number

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Our company not only gives you answers all your queries but also make sure how effectively and fast we can avail you the services. Even though working individually without any link to Mozilla we still try to give you best result with our dedicated and certified technician. One can reach us directly by dialling our Mozilla Thunderbird customer support helpline number. The customer representative handling your query has a sound experience in the same field which ensures a good interaction without any breakage in line. Thus next time wondering how you will recover your password or facing trouble attaching files do call us at our Mozilla Thunderbird technical support number 1855 785 2511. We are available here 24*7 to ease out all your issues.


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Effectual Support by Mozilla Thunderbird Technical Support Number

Mozilla Thunderbird tech support number 1855 785 2511

Thunderbird tech service from Mozilla is a popular email application which you may be used to access your emails or other content. Your reason to use Thunderbird may be one of its great features like tabbed emails, advanced search, better security or the customization options or that it is Open Source and Free to use. Thunderbird tech support 1855 785 2511

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Mozilla Thunderbird is a high-sounding web browser service used through the several people in all over the world. There are umpteen subscribers who have installed the Mozilla Thunderbird browser service in their various types of the devices. Whenever a user gets stuck with the official name of the Mozilla web browser application suite then you can get the help of the Mozilla Thunderbird tech support number 1855 785 2511 which is extensively crucial and convenient for the users.

Apart from this if you are getting the error in downloading and configuring issues then you can contact the tech support team through Mozilla Thunderbird tech support number that offers suitable tech support service on reasonable cost for Thunderbird tech service.

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Thunderbird Technical Support Number 1855 785 2511

It is even obvious that problem arises regularly and due to lack of knowledge of the technical troubleshooting you are unable to resolve the problem individually and instantly. In that case, you need to get assistance by means of Mozilla Thunderbird tech support number 1855 785 2511.

Call us to get secure online technical services through the Chat, Email, Phone and Remote access software. We have third party veteran tech experts who are more than eligible to provide the appropriate solution for various types of issues in the Thunderbird email account you are facing for Thunderbird tech service.our technician will be available 24b hours for online tech support and service.

Thunderbird Application not responding – call support @ 1-855-785-2511

Application not responding

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Thunderbird stops responding and may use large amounts of processing power.

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In some cases, the problem can be caused by a mail summary file (*.msf) file being corrupted. This can occur when your folder is mildly corrupted due to not compacting it regularly. A quick and dirty fix is to:

  1. Exit Thunderbird.
  2. Find your profile folder.
  3. Open the folder containing your stored messages. For example, if you are using the Global Inbox, this would be the “Local Folders” folder inside the “Mail” folder. Otherwise, it’s a folder named after the mail server, inside the “Mail” folder. For example, “pop.gmail.com” if you’re using Gmail.
  4. Select the *.msf files and delete them.
  5. Restart Thunderbird.
  6. Wait for Thunderbird to recreate the mail summary file(s).

If that doesn’t work, it may be because your folder is too badly corrupted. See the second part of the “Compacting doesn’t seem to work” section in Compacting folders.

If the problem occurs when sending a message, try re-configuring your anti-virus program so it does not check outgoing messages for viruses.

In some cases, the problem is caused when Thunderbird has trouble detecting and filtering junk (spam). This may be caused by a corrupted training.dat file. It may be necessary to delete this (Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Junk -> Reset Training Data -> OK) and retrain the [Mail Controls].

Also look for additional issues

Redirecting emails in Thunderbird problem ; call support @ 1-855-785-2511

I have instslled Mozilla Thunderbird in order to redirect a large number of emails.  Redirct extention works but there is a problem.   Original senders name and email subject line retained but date is latest date received at redirected site.  Need to have original date and time retained.  I saw a post on another site that original date can be preserved.  Anyone now how to do this?   Urgent.  Large batch of 150 or so emails almost useless with date sorting.  Thanks.


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Thanks war1,

That’s interesting, and the only thing I can think of is the receiving email client.  As noted above, when I redirected from rr.comgmail.com, the gmail did indeed show today’s date and time, BUT if I hit the Show Details, it did show the original date of 8/23/2007.

When it then was downloaded into TB (I use the pop access of gmail) It showed up as a received date of 8/23/07, but it also showed the recipient as the Original, not the redirected to address.

Have you tested this on your own?  Is there something I am missing?



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Expert Comment


The redirect extension of Thunderbird does not preserve the date.  There is a trick to preverse the date if redirecting emails to Gmail, but only for Gmail address.

Hope this helps, war1


Expert Comment

Which redirect extension did you use?  I have successfully redirected from rr.com to gmail.com and kept the date intact.  If using the gmail interface, hit the Show Details text all the way to the right of the From after you open the mail.

But even better, if using Thunderbird to access the gmail account, it does in fact list it as the date of original delivery.

Additional Thunderbird issues

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MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD Support ??? Call us : +1-855-785-2511

Mozilla Thunderbird offers a variety of choices for computer operators short of access to vigorous waged software such as Microsoft Outlook. Permitting you to combine many mail slots with SMTP or POP conventions, Thunderbird is trivial, reactive software that works superbly.


Since Thunderbird is established by Mozilla, the brand behind Firefox, it can be more modified than Outlook, a secure application established by Microsoft. At the similar period, it deals complete essentials you want right out of the traditions, so you don’t get worried about extremely complex technical setup if you’re not relaxed operating in the channels of a software applications.

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Thunderbird structures a series of apps to manage your email as simple as likely to be. Containing tabbed email surfing, smooth explorations, and routine files to bring together your messages, beside with dominant spam sifters that are improved than a lot of internet-based applications, Thunderbird performs soundly with most email facilities. As a compacted emailing applications Thunderbird has some of complications with its functioning and can’t be easily solved by a user that don’t have sound technical understanding. Mozilla thunderbird technical support can determine quickly your issues with the same. Exclusive solutions and prominante support makes it reliable for Thunderbird users. Some of the general problems with Thunderbirds

  • Not able to access inbox
  • Not getting emails
  • Unable to recover or reset Thunderbird password
  • Mozilla thunderbird account protection issues
  • Attachments with an email cannot be explored
  • Password matters like password recovery or password reset

With its basic features to send and receive messages, it comes with an innovative feature, i.e. automatic responses. We are the third party who provides any kind of customer service you required for Mozilla thunderbird. This 24×7 services is available for you to resolve all your issues, you are facing while using this mail. Giving us a call on our Mozilla thunderbird customer service number will be the best choice you can do. We understand our customer’s value and don’t let them wait. All the issues are equally important for us be it the small or major issue. We take our customers back on the track with the error free mail. You can ask for customer support at any time you need in the day, our professional technicians with the years of experience will look after all your problems and are all set always to provide you an instant service in the precise time.

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