Facing any problems while using Thunderbird email account?

Facing any problems while using Thunderbird email account?

Mozilla Thunderbird Service happens to be a free, open source, cross e-mail platform which has been developed by Mozilla to help individuals having control and create a good future of the web. Yet issues like opening and downloading new messages, problems in opening file attachments as well as sending and receiving of messages is quite common. Mozilla Thunderbird users need to back up regularly to guard against the possibility that their profile gets corrupted or wiped after installing a new extension or a new version of Firefox.

Mozilla Thunderbird support 

If you have concerns with related to your Mozilla Thunderbird Service mail accounts, for instance, reset your Password, and recover your Password, fixing an issue with your email access, Thunderbird support has provided raft of customer service helpline numbers that customers can use to call customer representatives. Here are some of Thunderbird customer service toll-free numbers you can use anytime.Mozilla Thunderbird Service.

Some issues occurring:-

Password recovery issue.

Password reset issues issue?

Account Configures issue?

Account Hacked issue?

Mail not sends issue?

Mail not received an issue?

Thunderbird Image Display Problem

Thunderbird Image Display Problem

If you are a Thunderbird user, and you are having image display problems in Thunderbird, then the following post may be helpful:

To let your images displayed in your Thunderbird, making the connection / proxy settings may be one of the solutions for you. To make this experiment, all you need to do is, check your connection and proxy settings in the Thunderbird, and make some changes to it, to see if the images start working with you.

To change the proxy, following the steps below:

  • Open Thunderbird
  • Goto Tools -> Settings
  • Choose Advanced icon on top
  • Select Network & Disk Space tab
  • In Connection frame, click on Settings button

Now you may be able to see different proxy options. You can try all of them, in my case, I chose Use system proxy settings to make my Thunderbird work fine with embedded images loading in it.

Hope this will help you displaying your email images in Thunderbird.

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