Thunderbird email not working

Thunderbird Email not Working 

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There are several points to be made here. First, as always, back up everything before you upgrade. You should be regularly backing up everything anyway, but do an extra backup just before you do the upgrade.

Thunderbird Search Not Working

Since I know, from your return address, what email provider you’re using, I can tell that you’re downloading all your mail to your own computer, and not keeping it on the server. That’s one of the disadvantages of your Internet Service Provider’s mail service; they have elected to store none of your email. That type of service is called POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3). The other type of service is called IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), and it keeps a copy of your mail on the server, so that you can access exactly the same mail from any device — desktop, laptop, phone, tablet … you name it. Gmail, Microsoft, Apple, and others use IMAP.

If you are not able to receive emails in Mozilla Thunderbird, you can do the following:

  1. Make sure your Mozilla Thunderbird has been configured correctly.
  2. Then make sure you are not having problems connecting to the POP3 / IMAP server:
  3. Also, make sure you have not exceeded your mail quota.

If you are using cPanel, you can log in there and go to Mail, Email accounts. Increase the quota twice to make sure this is not the problem;

  1. Make sure your MX records are correct.