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Thunderbird Email Problems Win 10 and Firefox are actually developed by two completely different groups. Firefox by Mozilla for Profit Company and Thunderbird by a volunteer community project. I saw in correspondence in the past few days that the chair of it. Thunderbird council is using Thunderbird on Windows 10 (A surface 3 actually) without any issues. As you are already aware there are issues like Thunderbird Email Problems Win10. With the in-place Microsoft upgrade. But that is fairly easy to work around with a USB drive. As Microsoft never corrected a very similar omission in the easy transfer assistant Windows XP to Vista and Windows 7. I seriously doubt they will be changing their spots any time soon.

That the Thunderbird release page has not been updated to include Windows 10 is probably more an oversight. Than anything else, as a group of Volunteers we are spread somewhat thin on the ground at times. I have filed a bug requesting the page be changed Bug 1206370 refers.

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I think a definitive yes answer may well appear fairly promptly from the bug report. even if it is only in the form of an “Oops” comment on the bug.