Keyboard shortcuts of Thunderbird

Tips and tricks Learn shortcuts to Thunderbird

Thunderbird Keyboard shortcuts is very necessary to complete the work in hurry. To know the keyboard shortcuts is the sign of a person that how smart he is. Using keyboard shortcuts helps you to remain comfortable and happy in completing the work. To work with keyboard shortcut is the smart way.

Keyboard shortcut in Thunderbird is vary according to the area.  The shortcut keys on windows and linux are usually used ctrl key. On mac Osx, the shortcut key is usually the command key.  And on mac osx, the shortcut key is usually you should hold down the fn key.

Shortcuts makes you a professional in your work. Using shortcuts on the keyboard will make you active in your work. To remain on the first position in the office and in the eye of your boss and colleague then you have to use shortcuts of keyboard. To know the shortcuts of the keyboard is not a difficult task. There is only the one thing to known about the shortcut of the keyboard is only you have to practice on the keyboard to learn the use of keys on the keyboard. All of us know the fact that practice makes a man perfect. The more practice you will do the more shortcuts on the keyboard you will learn.

List of keyboard shortcuts of Thunderbird

The following are the shortcut keys of keyboard

  • To write a new message (ctrl +n, ctrl+m)
  • To reply message (ctrl+r)
  • Reply to all message (ctrl+sift+r)
  • Reply to list (ctrl+sift+l)
  • To forward message (ctrl +l)
  • To edit message (ctrl+e)

Shortcut key for Read and receive messages

  • To receive new message (f5)
  • Open message (Ctrl+O)
  • Thunderbird Open Message in background (Right click on message folder)
  • Open message in conversation (ctrl+sift+o)
  • For zoom (ctrl+ +)
  • For zoom out ( ctrl + -)
  • To reset zoom ( ctrl+o)
  • Expand al threads (*)
  • Collapse all thread (\)
  • Ignore and unignore thread (k)
  • Ignore and unignore sub thread ( shift +k)
  • To watch thread (w)
  • To print message (ctrl+p)
  • Save message (ctrl+s)
  • View message (ctrl+u)
  • Select all (ctrl+a)
  • Thread Select (ctrl+shift+a)
  • Select text (f7)
  • Copy text(ctrl+c)
  • Cut text (ctrl+x)
  • For paste text (ctrl+v)

Shortcut key for Archive messages

  • To delete message (del)
  • Undo (ctrl+z)
  • Redo (ctrl+y)
  • Rename folder f2

Shortcut key for Tag message

  • Remove and add tag (1to9)
  • Remove all tags (0) zero
  • Mark message (m)
  • Mark as read (r)
  • To mark all read ( shift +c)
  • To mark by date ©
  • Mark by junk (j)
  • To mark as not junk (shift+j)
  • To add or remove star (s)
  • For searching all message (ctrl+k)
  • For quick filter (ctrl+shift+k)
  • Search message in advanced folder (ctrl+shift+f)
  • To find text (ctrl+f)
  • Find again message (ctrl+g)

Shortcut of Calendar Add-on

  • For calendar tab (ctrl+shift+c)
  • Task tab (ctrl+shift+d)
  • New event (Ctrl+i)
  • For new task (ctrl+d)

Shortcut key for Calender tab

  • To clear filter (esc)
  • For today (alt+end)
  • To view day (alt +1)
  • To view week (alt+2)
  • view multi week (alt+3)
  • To view month (alt+4)
  • filter task (ctrl+shift+k)

Shortcut key for history

  • To clear history (ctrl+shift+del)
  • increase indent (])
  • To decrease indent ([)

These are the shortcut of keyboard. The shortcuts makes your life easier. By using this shortcut you can complete your work as fast as you can. And you can make yourself free from the scolding of late work.

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