Thunderbird not Working on Windows 10

Thunderbird not Working on Windows 10

In our webmail vs. desktop email client article, we mentioned that using desktop email clients has its benefits. Speaking of desktop email clients, one of the most popular email clients for Windows 10 is Thunderbird. But according to users, Thunderbird has its share of issues on Windows 10. Today we’re going to address some of these issues like Thunderbird not Working on Windows 10.

Thunderbird issues on Windows 10

Solution 1 – Update Thunderbird

Quite often issues with Thunderbird on Windows 10 can occur due to outdated version of Thunderbird. In order to fix most Thunderbird issues, it’s always good to use the latest version of Thunderbird on Windows 10 in order to avoid any potential incompatibility issues.

Solution 2 – Run Thunderbird from Safe Mode

According to users, Thunderbird hangs on their Windows 10 PC while trying to perform a certain action and this can be caused by any third-party application. In order to fix this issue, some users are suggesting starting Thunderbird from Safe Mode. To do that follows these steps:

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